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ProphecySolutions was launched with four intentions:
  • We can help to complete your websites that couldn’t be completed due to unforeseen circumstances using the same codes or resources.
  • To help entrepreneurs develop their own website by learning the basics of coding and maintaining their own websites. We are fully aware that what it takes to start a new business the capital that goes into it, the resources needed and most importantly the unseen future that holds for your dreams. So we would like to help you to achieve your dreams by providing the best possible solutions.
  • For people want to learn how to develop a website as a hobby or just for fun. Learning has no limits, so here we would like to cater to your needs and help you in developing a website.
  • For SME’s who have to spend, as the needs of IT are changing daily and also its demands and to be the best in the competition we have got plans for you as well.
As everybody’s needs are different we charge them differently so there is no set fee, remember we are here to help you.
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We Offer a Wide
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We can develop a bespoke software application for your company ab deliver it for a reasonable price.


Why depend on 3rd parties and pay them for future simplistic things which you can do.

IT Project Management

If you are an SME and would like to run complex IT project s for your organisation we are happy to help you.

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We’ve exceled our experience in a wide range of industries to bring valuable insights and provide our customers.


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